Caffeine and Supplements on Nofap

The use of caffeine and supplements while on Nofap is criminally underemphasized.


The main reason why it took me so long to beat my porn addiction is because I had too much shit to do. I was studying engineering in college, I was in an engineering club trying to build a hybrid race car, and I still had to get a job. The crazy urges, the flatline, I didn’t have time for that shit!


Using caffeine and other supplements was critically important to maintaining productivity and mental performance during this time. It’s equally as important to a successful 90 day reboot. So, that’s what I’ll cover now:


Caffeine on Nofap

Life doesn’t stop just because you’re trying to quit porn and masturbation. Students still need to go to class and get good grades. You still need to show up and consistently perform at your job if you want to stay employed.


It doesn’t matter if you’re going through a flatline and your energy is in the crapper.  No one cares that your brain fog is so bad your mind is the equivalent of a marijuana farm being burnt down.


For when your energy is in the crapper and/or your brain fog makes remembering your name more challenging than performing brain surgery in the middle of an earthquake, take lots of caffeine.


I personally drank coffee like it was a miracle drug back in college. This was back when going a week PMO-free was like the Cubs winning the World Series: it happened a few times, and it could happen again, but don’t count on it.


I was in a mechanical engineering program,  was in charge of a subsystem on my engineering club’s project,  had to raise my GPA to halfway-decent levels, and still had to find a job/internship. I had no time for brain fog, flatlines, or relapse-preventing tricks! There was shit to do, and not enough time to do it.


How Much Coffee Should You Drink?


I recommend coffee. In addition to being a great source of caffeine, it has a lot more other healthy substances like antioxidants.


In retrospect, I didn’t drink ENOUGH coffee. I restricted myself to only 1-2 cups a day. That’s like trying to put out a raging forest fire with a $1 squirt gun.


Now, you’re probably worried about tolerance and withdrawal symptoms. That’s certainly a possibility. But in my opinion, most healthy young adult males can handle more caffeine than they would expect. And most of you reading this are likely young adult males. You can handle 3 cups of coffee easily. Lots of people in our caffeine-addicted society drink that amount and more on a daily basis.


Graduate and PhD students drink around nine cups a day. Sleep is a cardinal sin for them. If they can handle THAT, why can’t you handle 3-5 cups a day?


But I don’t recommend going past four cups in a day. At this point, you start getting diminishing returns and you’re basically beating a dead horse. This isn’t a strict rule, just a recommendation from personal experience.


Also, caffeine withdrawal symptoms are actually pretty similar to brain fog and flatline symptoms.


Low energy, low motivation, brain fog, anxiety, trouble sleeping, etc. You already feel like shit. The caffeine withdrawal symptoms will only add a pound of shit to the shit mountain that is your current existence. You have very little to lose and so much to gain from coffee.


Also, coffee is scientifically proven to delay, even prevent, Alzheimer’s Disease in seniors.


Symptoms of Alzheimer’s include:

  • Poor memory
  • Lack of motivation
  • Mood swings
  • Disorientation and Confusion


Don’t these symptoms sound a lot like some of the symptoms of porn/masturbation addiction?


Now, I’m not necessarily saying porn addiction is like Alzheimer’s. I’m only saying that the two have a lot of similarities, and that coffee seems like it COULD have similar benefits for Nofap.


Some ADHD/ADD medication has caffeine in it. Some guys who are heavily addicted to porn (busting like 12-15 nuts per day) are diagnosed with ADHD/ADD. They become completely cured by abstaining from porn and masturbation.


So I’d say that caffeine can definitely help you during the beginning and intermediate stages of your nofap journey, ESPECIALLY THE FLATLINE. But, once you’re further along on the recovery process, caffeine starts to do more harm than good, like giving you extra strong urges that make you want to dry-hump an hourglass until it completely shatters, not really giving you that much energy, and it may actually MAKE you tired just from drinking it.


It’s time to cut back at this point. Cut back to 1 cup of coffee a day, or even consider switching to green tea, which is what I eventually did post-Day 80.


To Sum Up:

Drink coffee. Drink as much as you need. You’ve got shit to do, and you don’t have time for brain fog or flatlines.


Nofap Supplements Guide

The main purpose of the supplements is to make up for all the nutrients that are expelled from your body during the years of regular, and frequent, ejaculation. The nutrient deficiency impedes your testosterone production and has a lot of other negative affects. If you go to Reddit, you’ll see tons of posts about guys on Nofap who start getting clearer skin and growing more fuller hair. It’s because they’re no longer expelling a cocktail of vital nutrients through regular hour-long fapping sessions like the majority of Western civilization.


The main goal with supplements is to get back those deficient nutrients and optimize your body’s testosterone production. This, more than anything else, will make Nofap easier and astronomically more beneficial. In fact, this may be the difference between guys who have life-changing benefits from Nofap, and guys whose qualities of life stay mostly the same. The difference between guys who are in a flatline for a full year versus a few weeks.


Here is a great “infortainment” YouTube video about raising testosterone, which includes supplements and diet.


Like I said in my other blog post, Zinc is one of the nutrients that you expel from your body during ejaculation and is a fundamental building block of testosterone. Magnesium is also a commonly deficient nutrient that aids in testosterone production. Vitamin D3 can be acquired through sunlight exposure. So if you live in an area with frequent sunshine, it’s worth it to spend more time outdoors. Walking/jogging, going to the park, picnics, etc.


I take 1 pill of Zinc and either 1 pill of Magnesium or Vitamin D3 every day. That’s usually 50 milligrams of Zinc Gluconate, 500 mg of Magnesium Oxide, and anywhere from 1000 to 3000 IU of Vitamin D3. That’s the standard daily amount I recommend.


NOTE: It’s been scientifically confirmed that Magnesium and Vitamin D3 shouldn’t be taken together. Alternate days you take them. So, you take Zinc and Magnesium on Monday, then Zinc and Vitamin D3 on Tuesday, then back to Zinc and Magnesium on Wednesday, and so on.




Vitamin D3


The best time to take supplements are either right after waking up before breakfast or close to going to sleep

Right after waking up, you’re in a fasted state. Insulin sensitivity is high and your body is essentially in a heightened state of nutrient absorption, making this a great time to take testosterone-fueling supplements and get the most benefit from them.


Alternatively, take them before going to sleep. Now, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of definitive scientific studies on this (that’s also true for porn addiction too, so that shouldn’t matter to us), but your body seems to be more efficient at digesting food and supplements while you’re sleeping. Every time you eat a big meal, you feel tired. Your body seemingly wants you to sleep so it can devote more energy to digesting the meal. Sleep seems to be another period of heightened nutrient absorption and is another great time to take the supplements.


If you get nausea from the supplements, take them during a meal.


Something very important about supplements from pills

Your body generally has a hard time processing supplements from pills and has to devote a lot of energy to digesting them. If you take too much at once, you’re energy will be low, no matter how or when specifically during the day you take them.


Once, I was taking 2-3 Zinc supplement pills and 1 Magnesium pill everyday for a week. Any more than 2 total pills a day completely drains my life force. During that week, I was dead tired and felt like I hadn’t slept AT ALL every morning. At the end of the week, I had an absolutely epic energy crash and slept OVER 12 HOURS on Saturday.


This downside of supplements is actually useful.


At certain points on the journey, mostly at the beginning before hitting the flatline, you’ll be tense and insanely pent up. You’ll have all this newfound energy and no idea what to do with it. It’s a very dangerous time for you. Any shape, object, or silhouette that remotely resembles the human female form could set off a relapse. That energy depletion from the supplement pills can balance out your apocalyptic, planet-destroying levels of pent up energy and keep you rational and functioning.


Once you hit the flatline, drastically reduce your supplement intake depending on what kind of flatline is happening to you. If the flatline is giving you insomnia and paranoid delusions of psychotic clowns appearing out of nowhere to murder you, don’t reduce your supplement intake. If the flatline makes you so tired that you need a gun put to your head just to find the motivation to get out of bed, it’s time to cut back on the supplements, maybe even stop taking them altogether for a little bit until you get some energy back. And don’t forget about coffee during this stage.


To Sum Up:

Standard amount: 1 pill of Zinc. Also, 1 pill of either Magnesium or Vitamin D3 since you SHOULD NOT take them together.


Take them either before going to bed or before having breakfast in the morning, or during a meal if they make you nauseous. When you’re really pent up and energetic, feel free to take a bit more to take advantage of the energy depletion effect to balance yourself out. During the flatline and moments of very low energy, either drastically reduce/stop taking the supplements until your energy is back up a bit or continue to take the standard amount.


Supplement links:



Vitamin D3 


BONUS: Can You Masturbate On Nofap?

Not really. You should go at least 90 days of porn AND masturbation free.


Reason? Masturbation greatly slows down the recovery process. It’s like an alcoholic asking if they can drink Bud Light, since it’s a weaker drink than vodka or liquor.


Now, you’re probably going to bring up that masturbation is known to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.


That’s true… for men in their 50s. In young men, frequent masturbation is linked to a HIGHER risk of prostate cancer. That’s right. If you’re a young man (below age 50), frequent masturbation INCREASES the risk of prostate cancer!!! (link)


Most of you are probably well under age 50.


And there’s all the testoterone-building nutrients you’re deprived of from years of fapping. Also, high-performance athletes are forbidden from any sexual activity prior to competition because ejaculation saps them of vital nutrients and energy that they need to perform at their best.


Also, there are scientific studies that show that semen has anti-depressant and other health benefits for women who engage in unprotected sex and/or consume semen through oral sex (link). Retaining your semen almost certainly has the same benefits for you.


There’s a reason why ancient philosophies and medical practices from Asia and India heavily recommended semen retention.


Now that you know all this, do you really want to keep masturbating?


To Sum Up:

No, you really shouldn’t. Just try going without it for 90 days and see what it does for you. If you’re like me and most other guys, you’ll gain MASSIVE benefits from abstaining from porn AND masturbation.


Final Words

All right, that’s how to use caffeine/coffee and supplements for nofap.


Coffee is especially good for the flatline, but be careful about drinking too much outside of that. It likely will give you extra strong urges and make relapse more likely.


Opposite to caffeine, supplements are great for restoring optimal testosterone levels, but they make you tired and lethargic. So, it’s great to take them outside the flatline to keep your volcanic pent-up energy in check.


Let me know down in the Comments your opinions and any questions you have. Hit the “Like” button. And if you haven’t already, sign up for my free newsletter to stay up to date on the latest content.


All the best,


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