Guide For Using Modafinil

Is there really such a thing as a magic pill that’ll unlock the full potential of your mind and turn you into a productivity cyborg ninja whose sole purpose in existing is to accomplish difficult tasks? Probably not, but modafinil is pretty close.


UPDATE: Some of my opinions have changed. First, I think 1-2 times a week, on a bi-weekly basis, is a much better dosage. And after about three months of doing that, I recommend going without modafinil for at least a full month, if not three months. Also, you won’t really be losing out on anything by not trying modafinil at all. This is just meant to be a guide if you do decide you want to try it.


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I brought up modafinil a couple times in other blog posts, but couldn’t really talk too much about it. Well, after some research and self-experimentation, here’s my guide for using it.


I have to admit one thing right off the bat. Modafinil is a relatively new drug (made in the late 1970s). So, there isn’t a TON of scientific information out there. But, it is universally understood that it has low addiction potential and is generally considered safe in moderation. It’s actually considered safer than Ritalin and Adderall.


What Exactly Is Modafinil?

It’s a dopamine-uptake inhibitor.


Dopamine is the chemical in your brain responsible for feelings of pleasure and reward. Modafinil essentially makes dopamine last longer in the brain.


It’s prescribed as a wakefulness drug to people suffering from sleep disorders like sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and shift work sleep disorder. It’s also used as a mental performance booster. It’s gained massive attention for its benefits to productivity and very small addiction potential, notably by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and start-up founders like Dave Asprey.


Militaries around the world are discovering modafinil’s benefits and are slowly switching away from amphetamines for soldiers who face sleep deprivation. The U.S. Air Force uses it as a fatigue management tool for its troops.


The Bradley Cooper film “Limitless” is about a struggling writer whose life is stalling. He gets his hands on a drug that unlocks the full potential of his mind. After taking the drug, he is able to finish his book overnight and get it published. He’s also able to consistently make great investments in the stock market and become wealthy. This drug is very heavily implied to be inspired by modafinil.


In practice, modafinil is best described as super caffeine that doesn’t cause any of the jitters or anxiety from actual caffeine. It gives you the energy and alertness of 10 cups of coffee, and it has very low addiction potential. The end result is that it gives you tremendous focus, completely eliminates sleepiness and exhaustion, and it actually boosts creativity and motivation for most users.


The 100th cup of coffee is a good demonstration.


It provides massive benefits to so many different people, from students and researchers, businessmen and entrepreneurs, engineers and software developers, athletes and military personnel, and even professional gamers.


But just like caffeine, modafinil isn’t a magic pill. You can drink a ton of coffee and still mess around doing nothing productive for the entire day. Same thing with this. It’s up to you to make the most of it.


Modafinil: Legal Status

The legal status of this miracle drug is sketchy and varies from country to country. It’s not openly sold like coffee, but it isn’t treated the same as cocaine or even marijuana.


In the United States, it’s a Schedule 4 substance, which means it’s legal to order it online if you have a doctor’s prescription. But if you order modafinil without a prescription, it’s essentially the same delivery process. Repercussions like fines or imprisonment are unheard of.


The absolute worst case scenario is getting a letter from the U.S. customs department saying that they received a package that requires a script. If you have a prescription, you can contact the customs department and let them know.


Or, you don’t respond in 30 days. In this case, customs will either destroy the package or send it back. Almost all online vendors have some kind of process for when this occurs. The vendor either refunds your money or sends you another order for free.


In practice, this very rarely occurs. Browse through Reddit and countless other internet forums, and you’re certain to find few, if any, accounts of the customs’ letter incident occurring. You’re also certain to not find any accounts of legal repercussions. All in all, there’s little legal risk.


But for those of you outside the U.S., research the legal status of modafinil in your country. Some countries like Japan label it a hardcore, dangerous drug that leads to hard prison time. It’s definitely not worth it in these cases.


How To Take Modafinil?


1) Don’t Take It Everyday

The biggest consequence of misusing modafinil I’ve experienced is a huge energy crash. You’ll be dead tired. I mean so tired, that you’ll actually start to experience flu-like symptoms. You’ll have to sleep 12 hours a day for the next few days before you start feeling remotely functional again. Avoid this huge energy crash.


Don’t take modafinil every single day.


The most frequent dosing schedule should be 3 to 4 days a week, and every other day. As soon as you notice the effects start to diminish, take at least a week off to reset your tolerance. In fact, you should be cycling modafinil on and off every week. One week you take it 3 to 4 days alternating the days you take it, then take a break for at least a full week.


2) Dosage

As for dosage, the recommended dose for a beginner is 100 mg. Most modafinil tablets are 200 mg, so you’ll have to cut the pill in half. If you’re under 150 lbs, 50 mg is better.


You can play around with the dosages, but I highly recommend never exceeding 200 mg, or one full tablet. Modafinil is a powerful drug. Be careful and respectful with it.


But if you do end up taking too much, take some L-theanine supplements and eat a heavy meal.


See the “Are You Unusually Sensitive To Modafinil?” section for more info.


3) Caffeine Tolerance

Your tolerance to other stimulants like caffeine also has an effect on your modafinil tolerance. So if you’re a caffeine addict, modafinil won’t affect you as much. If you rarely drink coffee, modafinil will hit you like a freight train.


But from my experience, your modafinil tolerance doesn’t seem to have much of an effect on your caffeine tolerance. So, coffee will basically feel the same whether you’re on modafinil or not.


4) Effects Last a LONG Time

Unlike caffeine, modafinil lasts a LONG time, about 12 to 14 hours. If you want to be able to sleep at all later that night, make sure to take modafinil as soon as you wake up in the morning.


5) Drink Lots of Water and Do Cardio

Modafinil also seems to genuinely dehydrate you.


For this reason, drink plenty of water.


About a gallon throughout the whole day. Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor, which means it tightens blood vessels and impedes blood flow. This causes the jitters and  and since modafinil is essentially super caffeine, the vasoconstriction is much stronger.


I heard that if you drink enough coffee, you’ll start getting cold hands and feet from constricted blood vessels, but I never drank enough to have this happen. It happened when i took modafinil for the first time.


Regular cardio also helps with more efficient blood circulation overall. Cardio also gives you better physical endurance, which turns you into a productivity machine even when you’re dead tired and haven’t slept enough.  


6) Caffeine Becomes Stronger

A cup of coffee on a modafinil day will feel like at least 3. Caffeine will hit you like a freight train on steroids if you’re on modafinil.


Coffee becomes too strong. The jitters and anxiety will turn you into such a wreck you won’t be able to get anything done.


There’s so tired that you’re a zombie, and there’s so wired you can barely sit still long enough to write your name on a piece of paper.


If you really want some caffeine, take tea instead. It has a much lower caffeine content, and the L-Theanine in the tea will make you more clear-headed and relaxed.


Side Effects

99% of users don’t experience any side effects. Scour through all the forums and Reddit posts out there, and you’ll find few accounts of any side effects occurring. But, I still want to do the due diligence and go over them.


There’s a less than 1% chance that you’ll get a rash from taking it, which will go away once you stop taking it.


It also reduces the effect of hormonal birth control in women. So women reading this who are on the pill, keep this in mind. It has zero reproductive effect on males.


But, there is one last thing…


Are You Unusually Sensitive To Modafinil?

There’s a chance you might be. And the thing is, you won’t know until you actually pop a pill for the first time.


In the event that you are unusually sensitive and you take the recommended rookie dosage of 100 mg on an empty stomach, you’ll effectively overdose. Here’s what you can expect next:

  • Unconsciousness
  • Such unnaturally intense focus, you’ll feel dizzy when you make sudden movements or try to look at anything
  • Stronger/irregular heartbeat
  • A non-existent appetite
  • Severe headache
  • Crippling anxiety/paranoia
  • Sore Throat


I’m not trying to scare you. I still think modafinil has tremendous benefits and should be at least tried a few times. You just need to be smart about it.


So just to be safe, start off for the first time with 50 mg. Take a standard 200 mg tablet, and cut it in half twice. Take the 50 mg with a heavy breakfast and plenty of water. If you don’t really feel anything in 30 to 60 minutes, take another 50 mg. Turns out you’re not unusually sensitive after all.


But if you start feeling some of the symptoms above, supplement with 200 mg of L-Theanine. And if ALL THAT doesn’t work and you still feel the symptoms above, fuck modafinil. It’s not going to do you any good.


But I’m willing to bet money that 50 mg, heavy breakfast and water, AND L-theanine will balance it all out for those of you sensitive to modafinil.


Modafinil Brands and Buying The Best Ones: Afinil Express

Modafinil comes in different brands, just like how orange juice comes in Tropicana or Minute Maid. The most common one is Provigil. Some others include Modalert, Modvigil,  Stavigile, and Zalux.


I personally take ModAlert from Afinil Express.


They are easily one of the best, if not THE best, modafnil vendors out there. They have excellent customer service, are courteous and professional, and most importantly, they sell high-quality, safe modafnil in different types that cater to different users.


I’ve had a great experience, and I HIGHLY recommend them. 


Final Words

So, that’s the gist on modafnil.


It’s super caffeine with no jitters or anxiety, only clear-headed thinking, and it may be the closest thing to a magic pill out there. Long story short, you technically need a prescription to order it, but it’s not a HUGE deal if you don’t have one. It’s a powerful drug, so be careful when taking it.


It’s apparently possible to get a rash from it, but there’s literally been no account of it actually happening. It can mess with birth control, so you ladies be careful when taking modafinil on the pill.


And just to be absolutely safe, start off for the first time with 50 mg, a heavy meal and plenty of water just in case. If it doesn’t do anything for you in 30-60 minutes, take another 50 mg. If it’s hitting you too hard, take some L-theanine. And if 200 mg of L-theanine, a heavy meal and water, and only 50 mg of modafinil still hits you too hard, don’t bother with modafinil. Throw away what you’ve got.


Click here to buy some modafinil from the best vendor out there bar none, and become limitless (not really, just thought it would sound cool to say). Let me know your questions in the Comments.


All the best,


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