Simple Programmer Free Email Course: How To Create A Blog That Boosts Your Career

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John Sonmez is the founder of Simple Programmer. His mission is teaching soft skills and useful life improvement advice to programmers, software developers, and other tech professionals through Pluralsight courses, books, blogging, podcasts, and a YouTube channel.


To that end, Simple Programmer content focuses on a wide spectrum of topics, from career advice and interpersonal skills, to physical fitness and mental training for tech professionals.


His content and insight is invaluable to anyone in any walk of life, including a mechanical engineer like myself, and he’s had a strong influence on my views, attitude, and overall outlook.


Summary of Free Blogging Course

I’m currently taking his free email course on creating a profitable, career-boosting blog. Course lessons are emailed out to you every Monday and Thursday. The course also comes with a (at the time of this writing) $5 downloadable companion book, which includes:

  • Worksheets to aid in exercises and lessons, and to help track progress
  • Additional help for each lesson
  • Every lesson in the course, so you can view lessons ahead of time and go through the course at your own pace

The companion book is NOT mandatory, but it’s still a valuable supplement to the course.


The course walks you through the step-by-step process of setting up a blog. It emphasizes taking clearly defined, concrete action. It’s also interactive; most of the lessons involve directly replying to the emailed lessons to show that you’ve completed them, and John responds back.


This course is useful for anyone who wants to start a blog but has absolutely no idea where to start, or has a blog set up and is unable to really get anywhere with it.


The course is reader friendly. Writing is conversational, as if John’s sitting next to you and is chatting with you. It’s informal, easy to understand, and also has some self-deprecating humor, which I definitely appreciate:


When I first started my blog I was a horrible writer. You may be reading these emails and thinking—dang, he STILL is a horrible writer—and that may very well be the case, but I’ve improved a great deal from some of my first blog posts.”

-John Sonmez


John also covers the common pitfalls that most blogs face that keep them from being successful, and presents solutions to those pitfalls.


My Verdict

I highly recommend this blogging course, especially now that there’s thousands, maybe millions, of blogs out there. Just like businesses, I can almost certainly say that 90% of those blogs don’t gain much viewership or generate much profit, financial or otherwise, for their owners. I can almost guarantee you’ll avoid the mistakes 90% of bloggers make if you follow the course and do what it tells you to do.


It’s helped close to 14,000 people create high quality, life improving blogs. It’s been optimized to be user friendly and accessible. It clearly defined actions to create a successful blog. If you are considering starting a blog or you have a blog that you want to improve, this course is a must-have resource.


But, just like anything else, you need to follow the course and do what it tells you to do to get the most out of it. The best weight loss program in the world is useless unless you actually do what it tells you to do. John shows you the door through this course, but you need to walk through it.


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