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Socializing For Introverts (Update)

Socializing for introverts, continued. In the first part, I said that the secret to socializing for introverts is to listen well, encourage the other person to talk about themselves, and remember people’s names. Well, here’s some more tips:

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Internet Detoxification For Curing ADHD

We live in a high-speed internet, instant gratification society with constant digital stimuli. ADHD is to be expected.

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Socializing for Introverts: Weight Lifting Mentality, Listening Really Well, and Remembering Names

The secret to socializing for introverts is to apply the principles of weight lifting, learn to listen really well, and remember people’s names. I know that sounds like a bunch of bullshit, but it’s completely true. And, this isn’t coming from an extroverted, life-of-the party type trying to tell you the cliched “be yourself” or some other useless advice. No. I’m an introvert. I’ve dedicated time (probably years) and effort to figuring out how to socialize. And, I’ve finally figured it out. I’ve cracked the code to socializing for introverts.

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How to Have More Energy (Part 2)

How to Have More Energy (Part 1) covered:

  • Why Energy Control is Important
  • The Four Divisions of Energy
  • Principles of Energy Control
  • How Energy is Mismanaged
  • My Buddy Andy
  • Proper Rest
  • Handling Stress


Here’s part 2:

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How to Have More Energy (Part 1)

Have you ever met a guy who seems to be pissed off or miserable all the time? They act like they have a unique form of lifetime constipation. They get sick frequently, they seem tired constantly, they’re rude, they get offended easily, and/or they seemingly hate what they’re doing all the time. I’m going to tell you what his problem is and how to avoid it: he has poor energy control. Here’s how to have more energy:

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