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Productivity (Part 1 of 3): The Sprinter’s Mentality

Can working with the mentality of a sprinter increase your productivity, improve your overall mental skill, and even cure ADHD? Short answer: yes. This is the first of my three-part series on Productivity.

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Meditation: Is It Bullshit?

What do you think of when I say meditation?


You probably imagine sitting in a cross-legged position. Create a circle with your thumb and index finger, close your eyes, and hum. You also probably think that it’s a way for free-loading, marijuana-smoking hippies to appear wise and philosophical. It also likely has no real benefit. Or, there ARE benefits to meditation, but they’re very overrated.


I thought the same. But, it turns out it may not be bullshit. Here’s my blog post on meditation:

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Benefits of Video Games

What are the benefits of video games?


My website’s focused on boosting physical and mental performance. So, I look for every possible edge, advantage, or enhancement we can get. Without drugs. If drugs are involved, they have to be safe and legal, like caffeine.


Common wisdom says that playing video games rots your brain, kills your social skills, and repels all girls within a 700 mile radius. Common wisdom also says that masturbation is good for you and that you’re a freak if you’ve never had a girlfriend by 21, so who gives a shit about common wisdom?


Here’s some of the (surprisingly strong) benefits of video games.

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