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Socializing For Introverts (Update)

Socializing for introverts, continued. In the first part, I said that the secret to socializing for introverts is to listen well, encourage the other person to talk about themselves, and remember people’s names. Well, here’s some more tips:

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Internet Detoxification For Curing ADHD

We live in a high-speed internet, instant gratification society with constant digital stimuli. ADHD is to be expected.

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Productivity (Part 1 of 3): The Sprinter’s Mentality

Can working with the mentality of a sprinter increase your productivity, improve your overall mental skill, and even cure ADHD? Short answer: yes. This is the first of my three-part series on Productivity.

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Meditation: Is It Bullshit?

What do you think of when I say meditation?


You probably imagine sitting in a cross-legged position. Creating a circle with your thumb and index finger, closing your eyes, and humming. You also probably think that it’s a way for free-loading, marijuana-smoking hippies to appear wise and philosophical. It also likely has no real benefit. Or, there ARE benefits to meditation, but they’re very overrated.


I thought the same. But, it turns out it may not be bullshit. Here’s my blog post on meditation:

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Benefits of Video Games

Common wisdom says that playing video games rots your brain, kills your social skills, and repels all girls within a 700 mile radius. Common wisdom also says that masturbation is good for you and that you’re a freak if you’ve never had a girlfriend by 21, so who gives a shit about common wisdom?


Here’s some of the (surprisingly strong) benefits of video games.

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