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How to Make An Engineering Design Portfolio

A design portfolio is a visual summary of your projects and accomplishments. Students and rookie engineers should have an engineering design portfolio. It can be in the form of a blog, a website, videos, or a PowerPoint presentation.


The main benefit of a design portfolio is it shows your accomplishments. This will help you get internships and jobs. You can show interviewers what you’ve worked on, and showing is much more effective than telling. A portfolio also shows off documentation and presentation skills, which are very underrated skills for an engineer. Design engineering positions all but require a portfolio to apply to one.

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Does “Engineer” Mean Anything Now?

Everyone wants to be an “Engineer,” even if they aren’t one. Garbagemen are now “Sanitation Engineers”. Stay-at-home parents are apparently now “Domestic Engineers.” The “Engineer” title is starting to lose its meaning.


And actual engineer positions, like mechanical engineers and electrical engineers, are hitting a saturation point. The amount of jobs is decreasing and the number of new college graduates is increasing. So, the seemingly rare instance of an unemployed engineering major will likely become more and more common in the next few years.


Here’s my 2 cents on this trend, and job titles in general.

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How To Learn Faster

All engineers want to learn faster. Engineers in general need to stay up to date with the latest technologies and developments in their fields. Engineers are required to learn almost constantly, but we all suck at it. Here’s my view on why we suck at it, and some concrete ways to learn faster. Most of this is going to be from the context of engineers, but I think it can apply well to anyone who wants to learn faster.

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Lazy Team Members: Useful Tips For BOTH Sides (Part 2)

Part 1 of my Lazy Team Members blog post covered some common legitimate reasons for lazy team members, solutions for those reasons, and how to work with genuinely lazy team members. Part 2 is going to cover team mates who just aren’t competent enough to contribute. And unlike many other lazy team member guide out there, I’m going to give tips to those of you who ARE lazy team members.

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Lazy Team Members: Useful Tips for BOTH Sides (Part 1)

In school and even the professional working world, you’ll end up working with lazy team members. I’ve worked with lazy team members. I’ve heard complaint after complaint from other people about lazy team members. So, I’ve decided to put together a guide to working with them. Part 1 will go over some common legitimate reasons for lazy team members, solutions for those reasons, and how to deal with genuine laziness in both school and professional settings.

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