No BS Advice for Getting Great Sleep

As someone whose had a mild case of insomnia since the age of 11, consistently high-quality sleep has been something that I’ve been obsessively trying to attain. And to my utter disappointment and annoyance, scouring the internet only yielded minor Band-Aid solutions that work for maybe a night or two.


After months of dedicated research and experimentation, I’ve engineered the perfect No BS Advice for Getting Great Sleep. Guaranteed to help you consistently get better quality sleep.

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Modafinil and Nofap

Can modafinil help with Nofap? Can the “limitless” super drug help you beat your addiction to beating off while watching people have sex? There aren’t a lot of scientific studies out there just yet, but the evidence so far says it might.

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Improve Eyesight Naturally: Outdoor Video Gaming

In my Improve Eyesight Naturally series, I talk about how sunlight exposure and gaming both offer great benefits for naturally improving eyesight. So then, doing both at the same time would lead to vastly improved eyesight, right?


I think so. Here is how to play video games outdoors and improve eyesight naturally.

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Nofap: How to Overcome a Porn Addiction (Part 2)

Well guys, here’s the follow up to my first nofap article.


Looking back, I realize now that first article is great for RECOVERING from a porn addiction, not necessarily overcoming one. Let’s change that.

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Socializing For Introverts (Update)

Socializing for introverts, continued. In the first part, I said that the secret to socializing for introverts is to listen well, encourage the other person to talk about themselves, and remember people’s names. Well, here’s some more tips:

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